Webinar: Industry Updates and Lessons Learned on DFARS, CDI/CUI, and ITAR Compliance

    The deadline for DFARS and CDI/CUI compliance (December 31, 2017) is rushing towards the DoD industry with less than six months to go. Already in 2017, 87% of the DoD contracts released have included the DFARS Clause 252.204.7012.

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    This DFARS, CDI/CUI, and ITAR Compliance webinar will help you understand the key steps in the DFARS compliance process in accordance with the DFARS 7012 Clause and NIST 800-171. ITAR compliance will also be covered since it is common for many DoD contractors to secure ITAR-controlled content.

    After delivering a series of DFARS Compliance educational events in the first half of 2017, Sentar and Summit 7 are now working with a number of clients at various stages of their DFARS compliance implementations. In this webinar you can benefit from hearing the lessons learned and industry best practices.

    • How small, medium, and large companies are approaching DFARS compliance
    • The latest DFARS Working Group comments for the DoD industry from the August 7th meeting
    • What to do now if you are not already into the compliance implementation process
    • Ask your toughest DFARS, CDI/CUI Compliance questions during the Q&A Session at the end of the webinar

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