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    Microsoft Azure Remote Access For CMMC Compliance

    By Ben Curry November 21, 2022

    Microsoft Azure Remote Access For CMMC Compliance

    Identifying CUI with Microsoft 365 For CMMC

    By Jason Sproesser July 20, 2022

    Microsoft Purview enables defense contractors to identify Controlled Unclassified Information in..

    CMMC and DIB Readiness Report

    By Scott Edwards February 10, 2021

    During a CMMC industry event (CS2) on February 4, nearly one thousand attendees from the Defense..

    Microsoft Defender in Microsoft 365 GCC and GCC High

    By Jay Jones December 15, 2020

    Recently, Microsoft consolidated several of its security products into the Microsoft Defender suite..

    CMMC Identification and Authentication (IA) Overview and Strategy

    By Shawn Hays June 1, 2020

    As a disclaimer, this blog is intended to address just Microsoft based systems and environments,..

    Cloud Security and CMMC Compliance Require Azure AD Conditional Access

    By Ben Curry July 9, 2019

    Azure Active Directory (AAD) Conditional Access is the axe, gatekeeper, bouncer, and first line of..

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