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SharePoint, cloud computing make content more accessible

By Dane Moorefield May 6, 2015

Organizations are generating, receiving and storing massive amounts of data, requiring agile tools..

Despite challenges, businesses can still adopt cloud successfully

By Dane Moorefield April 9, 2015

Cloud computing set up shop in the IT industry in a big way recently, enabling companies of all..

Successful cloud deployments are based on functionality/fit, not just price

By Dane Moorefield April 9, 2015

Organizations planning to adopt cloud computing in the near future likely gravitate toward..

Plenty can go wrong before, during and after cloud deployments

By Dane Moorefield April 8, 2015

Cloud computing enables companies to migrate applications to hosted environments where..

Cloud computing leading SMBs through new IT era

By Dane Moorefield April 8, 2015

Small businesses sometimes require assistance when planning an IT implementation. This is..

Cloud pricing is trending downward - now is the time to adopt

By Dane Moorefield March 23, 2015

Businesses find themselves in position to adopt cloud computing without breaking the bank. Steep..

Cream of the crop vendors leading cloud computing surge

By Dane Moorefield March 21, 2015

The global cloud computing market is thriving not just because so many organizations are using..

License usage reporting in Office 365: part 2

By Paul Robichaux March 5, 2015

(This is part 2 of a series; see part 1. if you have questions or want to see specific licensing..

Amazon, Microsoft face off in heavyweight cloud computing prizefight

By Dane Moorefield February 16, 2015

Cloud computing is becoming more affordable than ever, thanks to growing competition among some..

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