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How to Create Cascading Choice Controls – Nintex Forms

By Patrick Abel July 8, 2016

Here at Summit 7 Systems, we are not just a Nintex Partner – we are Nintex customers. With such a..

Anonymous Nintex 2013 Form Submission with JavaScript Redirect Embedded into a SharePoint page

By Shane Shipley April 19, 2016

I have recently been working on creating an anonymous form in a public facing on-premises..

Conquer Your March Madness Bracket with Bracketology from Summit 7 Systems

By Jason Batchelor March 14, 2016

Whenever you hear the great Dick Vitale say it's "Awesome Baby," you know it's that time of year -..

Enhancing Nintex Forms with JavaScript

By Shane King January 4, 2016

We use Nintex Forms jointly with Nintex Workflows for enabling many of our clients' internal..

Show/Filter list items in Nintex Forms

By Eric.Harris July 31, 2014

I recently had request from a client to show current items in a list for users to preview as they..

InfoPath is Officially Dead

By Mark.Rackley January 31, 2014

Sorry.. did I say that with a little too much excitement? I know there has been a lot of..

Easy Custom Layouts for Default SharePoint Forms

By Mark.Rackley September 5, 2013

You know what really drives users crazy? Default SharePoint forms. Everything is in one column. It..

Workflow Task ASPX Forms Won’t Associate in SharePoint 2010

By James Curry August 3, 2010

I came upon an interesting (meaning frustrating) new facet of Workflow in Visual Studio 2010 and..

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