Summit 7 Systems Announces College Football Pick'em Contest

    Winter is coming. No, that’s not right, I mean Fall. Fall is coming. Although it’s still 95 degrees here, in a matter of weeks, we’ll transition from frying eggs on the sidewalk to cooler temperatures and color changes on the trees. Summit 7 Systems is headquartered in Huntsville, Alabama - so we actually have a 5th season each year – college football season. [su_row][su_column size="1/2"]The colors are already changing here – from billboards to restaurants and even to the clothes worn to church – the colors they are a changing. Football season is here![/su_column] [su_column size="1/2"][su_button url="http://bit.ly/2beOuuw" target="blank" style="flat" background="#d21321" size="8" center="yes" icon="icon: hand-o-right"]Play College Football Pick'em Now[/su_button][/su_column][/su_row]

    Here in the south, we rearrange everything during college football season. From community events to weddings, you just don’t schedule something during an SEC football game. The college football season officially started last weekend (August 26th) and we asked ourselves how could we get in the spirit with a little Nintex fun.

    Back in March, we released our take on Basketball Bracketology. If you participated, you may remember that we had a somewhat complex Nintex Form. It was necessary for the aggregation of picks, but was more complicated than most users would want to implement. But while this showed what you can do with Nintex and a software developer, we boxed ourselves in this time. What could we do with Nintex out of the box?

    A lot of us at Summit 7 Systems participate in fantasy football pick’em contests and they are a lot of fun, but I oftentimes find myself getting busy with work/life and have trouble keeping track of 10–15 picks EVERY WEEK in order to compete. With this in mind, Summit 7 Systems invites you to join us in playing what we believe will be this season’s easiest college football contest.

    home_awayOne Matchup. Every Week. For Fame and Fortune.

    Each week, a single college football match-up will arrive in your email inbox. We’ll stick to 1 game from the top 25 rankings. We used Nintex’s Lazy Approval so you make your prediction with an email reply of four simple letters “home” or “away.


    Whaamazon gct’s at stake?

    • Each week, one $25 Amazon gift card will be awarded to a random participant who picked the winning team.
    • At the end of the regular season, the first and second place participants with the most correct picks (points) will win:

    o $300.00 Amazon Gift Card for 1st place
    o $100.00 Amazon Gift Card for 2nd place

    Register to play now - and may the odds be ever in your favor!

    [su_button url="http://bit.ly/2beOuuw" target="blank" style="flat" background="#d21321" size="10" center="yes" icon="icon: hand-o-right"]Register Now[/su_button]
    [su_spoiler title="READ: Official Rules & Regulations"]

    No purchase necessary. Void where prohibited by law.
    Alabama residents must be 19 years or older to participate.
    All other participants must be 18 years or older to participate.
    Employees of Summit 7 Systems Inc., their immediate family members, and household members are not eligible for this promotion (College Football Pick ‘em).
    • Household members shall mean people who share the same residence for at least 3 months a year.
    • Immediate family members shall mean parents, step-parents, children, step-children, siblings or spouses.
    Participation in the Promotion (College Football Pick ‘em) constitutes Entrant’s full and unconditional agreement to these Official Rules and Sponsor’s decisions.
    The decisions of the sponsor regarding all matters relating to the Promotion are final and binding.
    Winning a prize is contingent upon fulfilling all requirements set forth herein.
    From all eligible entries received, the winners will be determined based on their ability to accumulate the most points in the College Football Pick ‘em promotion during the 2016 NCAA Division 1A College Football regular season.
    If you are a college athlete or expect to be one, participating in this Promotion could affect your NCAA ® eligibility.
    The College Football Pick ‘em (Promotion) is sponsored in its entirety by Summit 7 Systems, Inc. (Summit 7 Systems).  This content is not endorsed by, associated with, or sponsored by, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, its members or partners.
    To be eligible to participate in this promotion you will be required to provide your email address, first name, last name, company, job role (“position”), zip code.
    Promotional Email:
    As a participant, you consent to participate in survey questions and/or receive promotional emails or offers from Summit 7 Systems. After participation in the contest you may subsequently opt-out of receiving such emails or offers by Summit 7 Systems by written notification to info@summit7systems.com or through unsubscribe links provided as a part of any future promotional correspondence.
    Promotion Timing:
    For purpose of timing and rules, all times are Eastern Standard Time.
    Prize-eligible entries into this Promotion will begin August 31st, 12:01 AM CST and end December 18th at 12:01AM, EST.
    The College Football Pick ‘em contest period will conclude December, 18th at 12:00am EST, or upon completion of the 2016 NCAA Division 1 College Football Season.
    All submissions are final, and are locked upon submission of your selection into the College Football Pick ‘em
    Rules for Participation:
    a. Objective: Accumulate the largest number of points by correctly identifying the winning team for each of the weekly match-ups emailed through all weeks of the regular season for NCAA Division 1 College Football.
    b. Making Selections: You will enter your selections by replying to our weekly email with either your selection of the Home or Away team. “Home” or “Away” must be the first word in the reply to email.
    c. Scoring: Correct selections in a given round are shown below. Points are awarded for each correct selection for each week.
    i. Correct selection: 1 point
    ii: Incorrect selection: 0 point

    If a match (game) does not occur as scheduled no points will be allocated.
    d. Official scoring calculations are computed by the Sponsor (Summit 7 Systems)
    e. Tie breakers:
    i. If in the event there are 1 or more participants with matching scores, Summit 7 Systems will implement the following tie breakers
    1. Tiebreaker #1: Quantity of total submissions by the specified user account. For example, a participant who submitted in all weeks of the selection (e.g. 13 picks) who is tied with someone who submitted in only some of the selections (e.g. 12 picks). The user with 13 picks will be considered the winner
    2. Tiebreaker #2: If in the event, there are still 1 or more participants tied, the winner will be selected as the participant through random function as created for the purpose of selection by Summit 7 Systems
    a. Limit: Each person is permitted to submit up to 5 separate email accounts for this contest.  Each submission will require a unique “username” and a unique email address.
    b. All usernames will be displayed for standings and placements, and will be able to be viewed by the general public.  All other information provided during content entry will not be provided or shared.
    c. Summit 7 Systems reserves the right to reject, remove, or cancel any submission that contains vulgar, offensive, racial, or any other persecutory or inflammatory language as deemed by a Summit 7 Systems representative.
    d. Only entries received online and in accordance with these Official Rules will be accepted.
    e. Official Winners will be notified by a representative of Summit 7 Systems, and will be required to acknowledge and validate they are the winner through validation of his or her submitted picks
    i. A participant in the College Football Pick ‘em is not considered a winner until the participant has verified his or her selection and has validated his or her eligibility status.
    ii. Summit 7 Systems will not accept screen shots, affidavits, or any other evidence of winning in lieu of our validation process.  Any participant that submits a contest entry after the system may have failed for any reason may be deemed a defective entry and void.
    iii. Summit 7 Systems reserves the right to notify all participants in the event of a system failure
    iv. Summit 7 Systems reserves the right to cancel the College Football Pick ‘em due to a system failure that prevents the College Football Pick ‘em from fulfilling its competitive and/or promotional intent
    3. All potential winners will be notified using the email address provided during the bracket submission process.  It is the responsibility to submit any email address changes to Summit 7 Systems through email notification.
    4. Prize recipients are solely responsible for any and all expenses related participation in the College Football Pick ‘em and any expenses, taxes, or other liabilities subject to the receiving of any prize as a result of the College Football Pick ‘em challenge.


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