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Summit 7 Systems and Mindsharp Renew Strategic Partnership

Woohoo!! I'll be back teaching classes in 2013 along with other Summit 7 Systems consultants, like Jay Simcox and Jim Curry. This offers students some of the best training options available for SharePoint Server 2013. You'll get to learn from instructors who do this for a living and see hundreds of solutions and problems with the product. The first class I'm teaching is in Huntsville, Feb 20-22. This will be a 2013 Administrator's class for those upgrading from 2010. It will be a deep dive, so bring some Red Bull and protein bars :-)  (I guess we could order in pizza...we'll see)

Why did Summit 7 Systems decide to strengthen our partnership with Mindsharp? Besides my long-time friendship with Mindsharp's CEO, Bill English, there are few good options other than Mindsharp for REAL SharePoint training now. Watching videos of training isn't a bad thing, but it's a far cry from an interactive experience with a seasoned instructor. From a strategic perspective, solid training is essential to Summit 7's philosphy of teaching our customers how to fish - and not just giving them fish. We believe the best clients are those that are educated in the product - doing so allows us to focus on the REAL goal of SharePoint. That's creating efficiencies, improving customer satisfaction, managing compliance, etc. It's about the business and that's where our strength lies. We solve problems.

Where will the classes be held? Summit 7 System’s expanded facility, located at 300 Voyager Way in Huntsville, provides ample space to host training courses. If you didn't know, the announcement of the new location comes on the heels of accolades recognizing the innovative services and sustained growth of Summit 7 Systems over the past 3 years. In recent months the Summit 7 Systems team was recognized as 6th on CRN’s Fast Growth 100 list for 2012, listed on CRN Next-Gen 250, as well as achieving additional Microsoft Partner Gold competencies that have advanced their position within the Microsoft Partner program and laid the groundwork for expansion. We were also recognized by Microsoft as a Business Critical SharePoint solutions provider in 2012. We have some even cooler awards coming in the next couple of months, but I can't talk about those yet - stay tuned.

I couldn't be prouder of our team. From project management to marketing, I think we truly have the BEST SharePoint team in the world. Thanks S7 guys and gals!

Ben Curry, CISSP, Microsoft MVP

Summit 7 Systems Founding Partner and Principal Architect