Its Official – Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business will become one!

    Four of our team members are at Ignite this week gathering insights, and for quite some time we've been monitoring rumors surrounding the possibility of Microsoft unveiling a unified communication platform for Office 365. As predicted – Microsoft announced today (09/25) that Skype for Business will be combining powers with Teams to become one super-platform in Office 365. 

    Microsoft Teams  Skype for Business


    Teams will evolve as the primary client for intelligent communications in Office 365, replacing the current Skype for Business client over time.

    Despite Teams taking the lead in terms of Office 365's flagship communication client (over time), Skype for Business will remain as a foundational component of Teams back-end infrastrucutre. To quote the article – “All of this is being built on a new, modern Skype infrastructure for enterprise-grade voice and video communications”.

    There's also some REALLY impressive features coming to modern meetings in Microsoft Teams:

    • Before a meeting, Teams will surface relevant documents and rich information about the participants to help you prepare.
    • During the meeting, the conversation can be captured, transcribed, and time-coded, with closed captioning and voice recognition for attributing remarks to specific individuals.
    • After the meeting, the cloud recording and transcript can be automatically added to the relevant channel, so conversations, documents, notes, and action items can be reviewed, indexed, and searched by the entire team.

    Curious about what you can get your hands-on today? As a part of the announcement, audio conferencing is now available in preview – enabling participants to join a Teams-based meeting via a telephone number!


    Microsoft Teams hub for intelligent communications


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