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Signed, Sealed, Delivered with Nintex and DocuSign

Last week, I made the statement that we at Summit 7 Systems love Nintex. Now, it’s easy to say you love something. But if your actions don’t back that statement up, all you’re doing is creating hot air. So, let me explain one of the areas we’re making our daily lives more efficient, internally, with Nintex.

One of the first processes we automated with Nintex was our Change Order (CO) process. Like most businesses, we have statements of work (SOW) that define our engagements. These are agreed upon and approved by our customers. Like most businesses, when we get into some projects we learn more or our customers learn more and sometimes we identify with the customer a change to that original scope. We like to capture that change via our CO form. This lessens our liability and the customer’s too. I recently submitted a change order that simply removed a deliverable from the SOW that the customer felt was unnecessary.

Our CO process used to be a very manual process. The Summit 7 Systems PM would fill out the CO form, email it to the customer and expect the customer to print out the form, sign it, scan it and return it via email. Since different people act in the PM role depending on the type of project, each PM worried about how to word the CO email. We didn’t have the process well defined. The wording of an email seems like a fairly trivial thing, but since the work was spread across different people with different roles, some were uncomfortable writing that email.

Some of our customers didn’t have access to a scanner. Some of our customers, like us actually, knew they had one printer somewhere that scanned, but they didn’t know how to use it or how to get the soft scan back to them in order to send it to us. Again, seems like trivial things, but for companies that are actively pursuing going paperless or for people who simply need to scan rarely – that little extra time to do a task that’s rare is frustrating and, quite frankly, lost.

And so, we looked at this situation and thought “There’s got to be a better way!” Instead of creating an infomercial though, we turned to two valuable partners we have: Nintex and DocuSign.

I guess I haven’t mentioned DocuSign yet in this blog series. DocuSign has been around for years and they are the premier digital signature company. There is no need for printing and scanning a contract or any other document needing a signature. DocuSign offers a very user friendly experience where the user, with no need to sign up or purchase a DocuSign account, can sign the form via their browser. All they need is an internet connection. Not only can you sign, you can add a date, type your name, type free form text and several other standard information types.

Nintex offers the Nintex Connector for DocuSign which allows Nintex actions to be added to your Nintex workflows that allow us to send documents to DocuSign which in turn emails the specified user a notification that something is waiting for their signature. Other actions offered are the ability for the workflow to poll the status of the form, whether it’s been signed or rejected. And then you can even download the signed file back into your SharePoint environment. If you send a Word document to DocuSign, the signed file is downloaded as a PDF file. It’s a very handy connector.

And so now, we don’t have a manual change order process. We have written a Nintex workflow that routes the change order form through various people internally for approval and then routes to external people (our customer) for a DocuSign signature. No paper needed. No printing or scanning needed. It’s really quite simple. Did I mention that you can digital sign these forms with the DocuSign mobile site as well? You don’t even need a computer.

We love Nintex and DocuSign. Think of all the different processes that you do that require someone’s physical signature. Every one of them can be automated with Nintex and DocuSign. Think of the efficiency gains!


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