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Share your Thanks-giving and help us help others.

In the spirit of the holiday season, we're in the giving mood. We've curated some free resources to help you navigate the ever changing technology landscape. And that's not all. You can help us give to the less fortunate this holiday season. Details are below - it's easy! First, the free resources:

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Introducing: Giving as a Service

It’s that time of year where we reflect on all the things we have - and are thankful for. Most of us have a lot compared to many other people. People who struggle to secure food are everywhere. They are children, parents, and everyone in between. You may not even know it if you passed these people by on the street. While giving thanks is a wonderful thing to do, that is only the first step of “Thanks-Giving”.

This year, Summit 7 is focusing on the second half of the word – Giving. From November 10th through December 14th , we are calling on everyone to help us in an effort to give to those less fortunate during this holiday season. We want to make giving just as easy as saying Thanks. We call this: Giving as a Service (GaaS).

  • For every new engagement over $5,000, we'll make a $500 donation, in your name, to Manna House to help provide meals for those who would otherwise struggle to find a meal during this holiday season. To show our thanks, we'll also send you a certificate of thankfulness for your generosity in helping us change lives.
  • Take our "Thanks-giving" social challenge. Get on social media and show us what you're thankful for! For every tweet or Facebook post, we'll donate $1 to Feeding America. 

What's the Thanksgiving social challenge?

  • It's easy to do! From now through December 14th, on Facebook and Twitter:
    Show and tell us what you're thankful for - be sure to use the #S7thankshashtag in your post so we can keep track.
  • Challenge your friends! The more the merrier.
  • For every post using the #S7thanks hashtag, we'll donate $1
    (up to $2,000) to Feeding America.
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