Oh, the places I’m going…

    Nope, not going anywhere in THAT sense! That being said, on Sept. 17, in the shameless pursuit of fame, fortune, stardom and perhaps even a free beer - I will be loading up the truck and along with some of the Summit 7 and Mindsharp team making my way to Branson, MO. to participate in what I consider the best SharePoint related conference at any price, SharePointalooza.

    Mark Rackley and his team have assembled some 8 tracks, 32 speakers, 50+ sessions and workshops spread across two days of SharePointmania that anyone can benefit from. The speakers that you'll have access to are coming from around the world and include some of the best and sharpest business and technology minds in the space.

    All the SPEAKERS at this event are people that have faced, or are facing, the same challenges you do on a daily basis and are willing to share that knowledge with you for next to nothing!

    Not to mention we're talking about a weekend in Branson, MO in September here!

    Let's do the math, Branson 3 nights at $100 per night so… $300.

    Have to get there, if you're close enough to drive, gas is under $2 a gallon most places now - or you can fly, either way: figure $350. Don't forget: it could be tax deductible if the training you are attending is related to your job.

    And of course the $50 registration fee, which if you watch the following video you can get 50% off of with the special, super secret code hidden in the video.

    Figure less than $700 to get there, have a place to sleep (a critical thing in my experience) AND pick the brains of 30 of the best and brightest working with SharePoint compared to the $3,000 or so for that big conference last May. I'm pretty sure that not only will the conference content be at least comparable, if not far better, but the entertainment will rock as well!

    Moving right along….

    Now buried down there in that who's who list of speakers that Mark has assembled for this "little" event is not so little old me J.

    Saturday morning the 19th at 8:30 am (I must have made Mark mad J) I'll be doing a session on Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS) and how it integrates into the SharePoint stack to provide authentication services for SharePoint. The goal of the session is to give attendees a solid understanding of what goes into the design and implementation of AD FS to support your SharePoint implementation so that when they leave they will have a better idea of what questions they should really be asking if the subject comes up in their office.

    Aside from my session there are also sessions and workshops on Office 365, SharePoint development, Business Intelligence, Search, Administration, Social, Branding, Workflows and on and on.


    As if that wasn't enough there is live entertainment and plenty of opportunity to meet some of the speakers and sponsors in a social setting.

    If you made plans but haven't registered get off your rear end and REGISTER. If you're still thinking about it decide and go ahead and make your Travel and Hotel Arrangements. If you haven't thought about it then keep on not thinking about it and just DO IT!

    If you're going to be there please stop by the Summit 7 booth and introduce yourself to the members of the team that will be there.

    Looking forward to a great event!


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