Modern Proposal Management with Office 365

    Modern Proposal Management requires you to change nothing.

    Proposal Managers typically have a process in place for how they coordinate writing assignments, meetings, reviews, data calls, and the other long list of routine tasks associated with responding to solicitations. Though some processes may need improvement (different matter), the vast majority of government contractors can most improve their efficiencies by simply using more of the technology readily available to them.

    DID YOU KNOW: Contractors that use modern out-of-the-box SharePoint Online functionality and Flow cut down on the coordination and processing time of each data call by half.

    Also, a companies IT department does not need to be involved in the creation, management, and archival of sites and folders. Nor do they need to intimately involved in the security and governance of sensitive data (corporate, CUI, or otherwise). With the right configuration of Office 365 and SharePoint Online, this activity can be intuitively administered by proposal staff or automated altogether.

    DID YOU KNOW: Companies that provision new sites for each proposal effort using modern SharePoint Site Designs and scripts save 2-3 hours of build out for each proposal.

    The following examples only scratch the surface, but you can request a full demo on proposal management modernization at the bottom of this page.


    Proposal Management Webinar



    Streamline How You Initiate New Proposals

    With three clicks, a company can deploy a new site for a proposal. This site will contain all of the standard folders, templates, lists, calendars, links, and security settings effortlessly.

    Screenshot at Oct 03 13-30-31


    Screenshot at Oct 03 13-33-06


    All of the specifics tied to how you work and operate will flow into your specific site design, and Summit 7 does not want to change how you write proposals. We want to make your process faster, more secure, and use the platform you already own. An example site below demonstrates how standard pages (Solicitation, POCs, Data Calls, Reviews, etc.) can be automatically created along with the lists and libraries associated with them

    Proposal Management Site 1


    Additionally, certain security features can be provisioned without lifting a finger. The Cost Volume folder may need to be locked down for 'internal users only' at all times regardless of the proposal effort or stage. This configuration would be established each time a new site was created.

    Streamline How You Coordinate Proposal Activities

    Every proposal effort carries with it a set of 50-100 deadlines and events. In some cases, you only want to view the review schedule, and in others you would like to see a roll-up of all proposal activities. With Office 365, your template could contain event types that allow for synchronization across calendars. See an example below of this efficiency below.


    Proposal Management Event 1


    Proposal Management Event 2



    A single data call could take up to a dozen emails to manage. With Office 365, your team can send out a data call and instructions without opening an email or typing in every email address in. Below is an example of this.


    Proposal Management Data Call 0



    Then each teammate could notify the proposal manager once the data call is complete through a built in Flow. This will notify the manager of the update and allows that person to keep track of each data call as they come in - no email and no dropped communication. 


    Proposal Management Data Call 1



    Once the manager approves that the data call is complete to his/her satisfaction, the author will receive notice, and the status of the document will reflect the approval.


    Proposal Management Data Call 2


    Here's a close up of the status change.Screen Shot 2018-10-03 at 5.00.16 PM

    Bottom Line

    • Contractors are moving to Office 365 and likely you have as well
    • You can use native Office 365 capabilities to speed up how you initiate a new proposal (provisioning site templates, etc.)
    • You can use native Office 365 capabilities to speed up how you coordinate proposal activities (data call distribution and tracking, teamwide communication without opening outlook, share files with two clicks, integrating lists and events, etc.)
    • You can use native Office 365 capabilities to secure information without involving IT on a regular basis (site provisioning of configurations and AIP labels and more)

    There are too many native features of Office 365 to cover. For a full demo or to get a quote on a proposal management solution right for your company please fill out the form here. Our team is happy to delve into the complete set of possibilities and answer any questions you may have.


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