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New Year's Updates for Office 365 GCC High

It is often an uneasy task to identify all of the updates and changes to Office 365 Government Community Cloud High (GCC High), much less validate them. Starting this quarter, we're launching a blog series to keep the community of GCC High users up to date on the latest happenings throughout the platform. This information will not be exhaustive of every update or change, and some bullet points will be outright guesses. Nevertheless, we will try our best to notate where we can. 

One last note: Certain features or products are in public preview. It is our firm recommendation that you do not roll out or migrate to any new product before it is generally available. If a feature is in preview, the fine print basically states that it is unsupported by MS. Therefore, you are in treacherous waters in the event that something breaks or malfunctions. 


  1. Microsoft has connected Outlook mobile for iOS and Android to the FedRAMP compliant Exchange Online, Office 365 back end services. Starting in mid-January, GCC High and DoD customers will be able to adopt Outlook mobile.
  2. There is a change to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center role entitled "Password Admin". Microsoft renamed this role to “Helpdesk admin.” This now matches how the role is displayed in the Azure Active Directory admin center.
  3. Visio Plan 2 is now generally available for GCC High. Visio in Office 365 GCC High
  4. Planner is now generally available in GCC High.
  5. Cloud PBX Calling for Skype is looking like a Q1 possibility.
  6. Adobe debuts Government ID Authentication for Adobe Sign, Microsoft Information Protection in Acrobat.
  7. New update and version of AAD Connect fixes password writeback, and self-service password reset now works as well.
  8. External sharing of some kind could be possible in 2019 for GCC High tenants. We've seen it with our own eyes.
  9. Microsoft Unified Labeling is likely becoming generally available in Q1 for GCC High tenants (in preview now but not supported).
  10. MS Flow is in public preview now for gov SKUs.Microsoft Flow in Office 365 GCC High
  11. SharePoint Online Hub Sites in preview and likely GA for GCC High (no formal notice from MS).
  12. SharePoint Online Site Designs and Site Scripts in preview and likely GA for GCC High (no formal notice from MS).
  13. Azure Migrate now supports Azure Government as a migration project location. This means that you can store your discovered metadata in an Azure Government region (US Gov Virginia).


Feel free to drop in comments or questions below. We won't publicize them.


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