Five Updates You Might Have Missed at InspireX 2017

    The dust has settled and Nintex updates are officially rolling out. It seems like a good time to aggregate all that is going on with Nintex and the highlights of InspireX. This is by no means exhaustive, but should give you a pretty good overview of what you might have missed during the whirlwind of InspireX.

    1. Future of Nintex Hawkeye

    Nintex Hawkeye is nearing its one year anniversary, and showing no signs of slowing down. In the midst of the Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC) coming out party, several mentions were made of Hawkeye providing insights across all Nintex Platforms - including the newly minted NWC and on premises. What does this mean? Customers will be able to tap into the capabilities of Hawkeye regardless of which platform they are working with.

    Nintex Hawkeye

    Additionally, two new Lenses and Dashboards were announced - Usage and Inventory. The Usage Lens gives the administrator a means of justifying the Nintex investment and way to see the value in their automations. The Inventory Lens provides a visualization of 'who, what, when, and where' workflows are deployed in your environment, as well as showing which workflow actions are most used.

    Read More: Nintex Hawkeye News

    2. Future of Xchange and Xtensions

    Nintex Xchange

    One of the most exciting sessions for the Nintex Community was the announcement that Xchange would be altered to drive more innovation and involvement. The cornerstone for these changes is the introduction of a new and improved Xchange Marketplace (some features mentioned are yet to be available as of this writing). For Nintex users, this new version of the marketplace will drive Nintex Partners, Virtual Technical Evangelists (vTE's), and super users to push out high quality and valuable solutions - with the added kicker of financial profit. Taking note of the success Salesforce has had with its AppExchange, the Nintex community will now benefit from this new competitive landscape as individuals go to market with various 'productized' solutions.

    Nintex Workflow Cloud XtensionsIn addition to this new marketplace, a concept of an 'Xtension' was introduced with NWC. Xtensions are theoretically the prefabricated connectors that will be added to the left oriented toolset in NWC (shown in the image). The marketplace will serve as a means to acquire some of these Xtensions once they are built by 3rd parties and vetted by Nintex's internal team. Because this process is conceptual, it will be interesting to see how new Xtensions will be released to the tenant once they are rolled out to the public for purchase.

    On a less impactful but equally fresh note, the Xchange site has been revamped (screenshot above), and assets can now be labeled as "By Nintex" or "By Partner" for an extra level of credibility. Also, plans are underway to add a label to purchasable assets. Overall this is a good look for current Nintex customers and Partners looking to the future of each platform.

    3. New UX and UI for Nintex Forms

    Nintex just released an article that covers most of what you need to know about the new Forms Designer. However, to hit the high notes:

    • All forms are now responsive, and the requirement of configuring multiple device layouts is no longer.
    • Similar to the Workflow Designer, drag and drop fields and controls are now a feature of Forms Designer. This allows the user to reorient the position of fields/controls via drag and drop once they are on the canvas or when placing a new field on the canvas from the control set.
    • New social features added and new controls - though you can expect most of the same rules and logic.

    4. Forms in Nintex Workflow Cloud (NWC)

    Not much to say here past the title, but it is exciting to know that Nintex is sticking with history and plans to pair their new workflow platform with a powerful forms engine as well. Once Nintex releases slideshows and video from the conference, this blog will be updated to reflect all of the features to expect with NWC Forms.

    5. Solidified Old and New Relationships with Box, Dropbox, Microsoft, Salesforce, DocuSign, etc.

    Nintex Workflow Cloud, simply put, takes #workflowfurther. NWC and Nintex at large are enhancing a user's ability to build integrated workflows with existing and new platforms. SharePoint is no longer the only focal point for workflow purposes because not all processes start in SharePoint. Now, workflows can be initiated or triggered by activities in Dynamics, Salesforce, Box, Dropbox, and more. Also, e-signature options have expanded to DocuSign, Adobe Sign, and more to come this year. To better understand the vision for platforms currently and eventually integrated with NWC, check out the article recently written by CMSWiRE.

    At the conference, there was also a larger push for NWC in the IoT space. This will be an exciting area to see expanding int the 2017-2018 time frame. A sampling of this type of implementation is shown here. The future of IoT and NWC is based on the "Power of One" - where one citizen developer can take a single device that monitors a particular metric and pushes the data to NWC for far reaching impact. For questions or thoughts on this topic - we'd love to hear from you: nintex@summit7systems.com.


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