February 27th - Atlanta Nintex User Group at FlatIron City

    • When: Monday, February 27th

    • Time: 6pm – 8pm

    • Where: FlatironCity (Microsoft Innovation Center)

    • Audience: Nintex users, non-Nintex users who want to learn about Nintex, citizen developers and integrators

    Citizen Developers and Citizen Integrators are on the rise and impacting business in positive ways. The arrival of these builders and creators means that more organizations are creating and realizing long term value with low-code to no-code solutions.

    As organizations work to become more agile they often discover that common interests are being satisfied through multiple solutions that are both internal and external. This scenario becomes a blessing and a curse as they balance dynamic needs with structure.

    Evolution of these scenarios furthers the importance for organizations to find a perfect balance between users, customers, and organizational structures. 

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