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Email Automation with Nintex and Office 365

Here at Summit 7 Systems, we use Nintex for our internal processes. One of the processes we have delayed creating on our O365 portal is a hiring process. We still manually send offer letters via email. I know! So 2005. Hiring process, it's time for some Nintexification.

Every few weeks or months, Nintex releases new actions that makes their workflow offering better and better. Yesterday they released the ability to send email to an external address (outside your O365 tenant) and add an attachment. Huzzah!

I want to throw together a first cut to the hiring process automation. I created a document library with New Employee Name and New Employee Email. We've already got a content type for the new hire offer letter defined. I create a new hire offer letter in the document library, fill out my New Employee Name and New Employee Email, click save on the Nintex form and boom – I've got a new hire letter with an external email address ready to go.
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I could have hard coded the variables for my workflow, but being the long time developer that I am, I always define my variables up front and I change their title so that I don't get confused later.

There is nothing worse than dragging many "Set Workflow Variable" actions to a workflow, configuring them and then having to hunt for which action has that specific variable when you need to make a change or verify something. Not doing this is like a software developer not commenting their code – so short cited! Always change the titles of your Nintex actions!

I've got 3 variables. I pull them in from my SharePoint list and I'm ready to send the offer letter to my new employee.

Did you notice that I didn't change the title of the "Send an Email" action? Shame on me breaking my own rule.[/su_column][su_column size="1/4"]  [su_service title="Less paper, more workflow." icon="icon: file-o"] nintex_blog

Learn more about Nintex and improve your workflow. Let us show you how.[/su_service][/su_column][/su_row]

Let's look at the "Send an Email" action configuration.

You can specify who to send to, who to CC and BCC. State your subject, define your attachment(s) and add the email body. Nintex has thought of everything! We're in business.

Now I run my workflow:

It's just that simple. Thanks Nintex!


[su_service title="Less paper, more workflow." icon="icon: file-o"]


Learn more about Nintex and improve your workflow. Let us show you how.[/su_service]


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