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    Brian Laws

    Bug Report: PowerPivot for SharePoint 2016 Thumbnails Not Generating

    By Brian Laws February 27, 2017


    While working with a customer's SharePoint 2016 farm, I discovered a significant bug when..

    Cheat with your scripts in Exchange and Exchange Online

    By Brian Laws October 17, 2016

    Hi, all! Today, I've got something that I think is really cool and helpful. I really, really wish..

    Get Notifications of reddit Messages

    By Brian Laws April 28, 2016

    When I write a blog, I usually cross-post it to reddit in hopes that it might help someone. I'm not..

    Cloud SSA Limitation: Windows Claims Only

    By Brian Laws April 26, 2016

    In the August 2015 cumulative update for SharePoint 2013 (and SharePoint 2016), Microsoft released..

    Cloud SSA Limitation: No Alternative URLs

    By Brian Laws April 26, 2016

    This is the second of a mini blog series in which I discuss some newly discovered limitations to..

    Easily Automate HTTP to HTTPS Redirects in SharePoint

    By Brian Laws December 17, 2015

    Hello again! Brian here with a tip on something I suspect lots of folks need: redirecting..

    The Performance Impact of Premium Storage in Microsoft Azure

    By Brian Laws November 16, 2015

    Hello once again, all! Let me extend a special welcome to all my fellow CloudPros.

    My primary..

    Introducing the CloudPro

    By Brian Laws October 12, 2015

    OK, I admit it – I wanted to call this blog "The Dawning of the Age of the CloudPro." It was hard..

    Redirect User Profiles and My Sites to SharePoint Online

    By Brian Laws June 5, 2015

    SharePoint Online presents quite a compelling business case for most organizations. It offers a..

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