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    Ben Curry

    Microsoft Azure Remote Access For CMMC Compliance

    By Ben Curry November 21, 2022

    Microsoft Azure Remote Access For CMMC Compliance

    Cloud Security and CMMC Compliance Require Azure AD Conditional Access

    By Ben Curry July 9, 2019

    Azure Active Directory (AAD) Conditional Access is the axe, gatekeeper, bouncer, and first line of..

    Peeling Back the Onion: Microsoft Security for Government Contractors

    By Ben Curry August 25, 2018

    After having several conversations with government contractors of varying sizes (25 person company..

    Rest In Peace: SharePoint 2010 Mainstream Support

    By Ben Curry October 1, 2015

    It seems like only yesterday that SharePoint 2010 was being rolled out with much excitement over..

    SharePoint 2016 and You

    By Ben Curry September 10, 2015

    Microsoft’s release of the SharePoint Server 2016 preview is a welcome realization of their..

    SharePoint Compliance QuickStart

    By Ben Curry March 4, 2013

    We are finally ready to launch our Governance, Risk, and Compliance solutions!

    We've partnered with..

    Why Summit 7? (Embracing Change Leadership)

    By Ben Curry February 8, 2013

    Summit 7 was founded on the principle that doing things right makes it easy to do the right thing...

    Summit 7 Systems and Mindsharp Renew Strategic Partnership

    By Ben Curry January 16, 2013

    Woohoo!! I'll be back teaching classes in 2013 along with other Summit 7 Systems consultants, like..

    Learn to Build Code and Platforms for Business Critical Content at SPTechCon

    By Ben Curry January 14, 2013

    SharePoint is becoming all about content. Business critical content.  In fact, many still don't..

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